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Unions / Contractors

UNIONs & CONTRACTORs I have been asked by Boston area construction trade unions to document their members & building contractors. Depending on the assignment: big or small, it may take hours, days, years to make the narrative. These companies have specific interests to highlight their particular skills or accomplishments. Being entrusted to insinuate my camera …

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PORTRAIT Gallery It requires hundreds/thousands of people working in tandem for modern building  construction. The final product will stand the test of time; monuments to human ingenuity. But the individual efforts can get lost to history. These are the faces of the men & women who built these Boston buildings, photographs of construction workers at …

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Downtown Crossing

Downtown Crossing BURNHAM BUILDING / FILENE’SWhat began as a small assignment to document refurbishing Burnham Building/FILENES evolved into a seminal project that defines cities in America. FILENE’S Department Store renovation turned into MILLENNIUM TOWER, a modern skyscraper shoehorned into the heart of Boston. These are the tradespeople who shouldered that task.


Winthrop Center

Winthrop CENTER Photography that follows the progress of the construction of Winthrop Center which will stand as the fourth-tallest building in Boston, Massachusetts. The Winthrop Center is being built on the site of the currently defunct Winthrop Square Garage in the Financial District.