A series of featured images by Lou Jones where he illuminates the process and concepts behind creating these iconic images.

Boston from Above by Lou Jones

Sky high view of downtown Boston under construction.

Rebar: concrete reinforcing bars, form the skeleton of almost all concrete structures. Workers place each and every rod by hand.

boston construction by Lou Jones
Winthrop Center Construction by Lou Lones

Construction workers back on the job – with masks – at WINTHROP CENTER.

Teamwork is an important factor in erecting buildings in downtown Boston. It is an essential skill on the WINTHROP CENTER job site. Working together is progress.

Construction workers by Lou Jones
underground construction by Lou Jones

While construction goes on above ground on Winthrop Center site much of the work is subterranean Jose Reynoso, a member of Carpenters local 327, labors amongst the myriad of temporary supports holding everything up.

Against the urban chiascuro Ironworkers Local 7 union members Oma Martin & David Ireson prep rebar in winter cold high above downtown Boston on Winthrop Center construction site.
Boston Construction photo by Lou Jones
Boston Construction photo by Lou Jones

In bitter 22 degree weather and over the weekend so as not to block Boston traffic Ironworkers Local 7 were installing the tower crane jib. This union worker was walking the boom over 100 feet above the Winthrop Center construction site.

Another major phase of Winthrop Center construction is nearing completion It is a rare opportunity to see one of the mobile cranes almost horizontal Rick Jerrsteet of International Union of Operating Engineers Local 4 is dismantling the enormous unit in the Boston business district

Boston Construction by Lou Jones

A night photo can allow for dramatic lighting, but clearly requires extra attention.

In addition to balancing all the elements in the image and getting the various types of lighting to work together, you also have to be extra aware of safety issues.

This photo is an ENR Contest Winner! Click to see Lou’s image, #31, among many great images. 

ENR Magazine

A construction worker framed by the steel reinforcing rods — rebar — that form the core of nearly all concrete structures.

The right moment, the right gesture, the right composition, with some luck, are all parts of getting a photo with lasting storytelling power.

This image was included in BOSTON SOCIETY of ARCHITECTS exhibition titled “New Visions of Designed Environments” in June 2019.

Along with the enormous equipment and structures at a site, we have the people.

Finding a quiet moment for a portrait in the midst of the noise and tumult takes patience and the ability to build trust.

Photographing from a different point-of-view gives a different perspective. Even the ground level construction project looks good from such a high vantage point.

Boston construction by Lou Jones
Lou Jones Construction Photos

The Boston Metro Building Trades Union uses two of Lou Jones’ photos in their outreach efforts: the cover of the 2018 News and on a postcard campaign.