Susana Lopez

Laborers International Union Local 223

East Boston 

Back from vacation in her native Jalisco, Mexico, Susana Lopez returns to work at Winthrop Center construction site. She is the first face you see entering in the morning & last in the evening. Five years a member of Local 223, Laborers International Union, every day she rides the MBTA Blue Line subway from East Boston. 

Susana has lived in the USA for over nineteen years. Raising a family, she is mother to two girls, Aleyah & Mose & her oldest son, Leo but she has been the primary source of support for them since her separation. Before joining a trade union she worked for JDC Demolition. Working in arenas that are usually the territory of men, she liked the work but claims union memberships has improved her situation in wages & benefits. And now Susana is starting her own dynasty because her boy is Local 22.

As a working professional to keep up with the rigors of her job, Susana works out at a gym every day. Bundled against the bitter cold in oversized clothes, she is busy all day & as member of her alternate “family”, LiUNA, master of all she surveys.

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